Cutting and milling of complete range of insulation materials

If you are looking for unobtainable or difficult to find acoustic, fire protection, hot or cold insulation, you have come to the right place!
Thanks to our production plant being equipped in the most advanced CNC machines and technologies serviced and operated by highly trained and qualified personnel, we can meet even the most demanding needs and requirements of our Customers, always finding and implementing the most optimal solution to any insulation problem.

Our Offer Includes:

  • Cutting services of insulation materials according to Client requirements, including cutting of materials supplied by Clients,
  • Design services in the scope of heat, acoustic and industrial insulation,
  • Specialist products used in machines and equipment,
  • Acoustic screen insulation,
  • Thermal insulation systems in buildings and structures,
  • Curved elements made from waterproof XPS foam, resistant to decay, used in the construction of swimming pools, gardens and spatial distribution and modelling in spa centres, etc.