Korff Flex Plus Cold Insulation Rings

High quality cold insulation rings from machined polyurethane. Particularly recommended for rubber insulated ducts. The thickness of the insulation is adapted to the dimensions of the rubber coating used. Rubber-coated side surfaces to enable use of standard rubber cement. Non standard ring sizes can also be manufactured on request (also in small quantities).
For large orders, tailor made solutions are recommended that meet the Client's specific requirements.

Product Features and Properties

  • Highest level of thermal insulation,
  • Two-part insulating body cut from polyurethane blocks,
  • Polyurethane density: 80 kg/m3   to 145 kg/m3,
  • Sides coated with 6mm rubber lining,
  • Galvanised steel rings mounted on outer surface of insulating elements permanently attached to the body,
  • Steel rings with extended opening angle facilitating installation on pipelines,


  • Fitted fastening threads (M8/M10 and M12/M16),
  • Nuts with locking washers,
  • Supported pipe diameters: 6  to 219 mm,
  • Thickness of insulation fits standard rubber coating thickness (13, 19, 25, and 32 mm),
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to + 105ºC,
  • Flammability class: B2,
  • Quick and easy to install.