Machining and laminating

We offer innovative solutions in the field of acoustic, thermal and cooling insulation. We use and combine various insulation materials - mineral wool, EPS, XPS, PU etc., with steam insulation and reinforced or stabilised surfaces (aluminium, PVC, polar materials, etc.).

Thanks to our production plant being equipped in the most advanced CNC machines and technologies serviced and operated by highly trained and qualified personnel, we can meet the most demanding needs and requirements of our Customers, always finding and implementing the most optimal solution to any insulation problem.

Our Offer Includes:

  • Chimney and flue inserts,
  • Insulation for ceramic chimneys and flues,
  • Insulation for stainless steel double-wall chimneys,
  • Insulation for heaters,
  • Insulation panels for acoustic screens,
  • Complex thermal insulation system for buildings.