PUR/PIR Securing Fittings

High quality cold insulation rings from machined polyurethane. Adaptability to specific dimensions enables elements fit every kind of steel ring and other fixing elements. This solution enables securing fittings to be used in the majority of cases. Various types of rings can be manufactured, depending on requirements: without coating (non-laminated), with aluminium coating, with plates that transfer load (reinforce) in the form of a split ring or full ring, and with steel clamping rings installed.

Product Features and Properties

  • Polyurethane density: 50 - 200 kg/m3,
  • Any ring dimension (internal diameter, external diameter and length) can be produced,
  • Temperature range:
    • Standard material RG 50-200: -80ºC to + 120ºC,
  • Polyurethane compressive resistance: (short-term) 350-2600 kPa,
  • Flammability class: E, EN 13501.

Doubling plates

  • Increase the loads transferred by rings,
  • Standard length: 100mm,
  • Plate thickness: approx. 1mm,
  • Split rings or full rings available,
  • Plates can be adapted to any length and thickness required.