Mineral wool lagging and laminated elbows

Thermal Insulation
Our products are applied in thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation, in many industry sectors (particularly in construction and the energy sector). They are widely used mainly due to their energy saving and convenience properties as well as broadly understood environmental protection reasons. The process piping insulation system provides continuous and complex high-precision and aesthetic insulation of any internal and external section.


The products are quick and easy to install thanks to their excellent workability. The system is comprised of lagging 1000 mm in length, custom profiled elbows with inner diameters and insulation thicknesses to fit the diameters of insulated pipes or vessels.

Product Features and Properties

  • Material: mineral wool with a density of 80, 100 or 120 kg/m3,
  • Withstands temperatures of up to + 250ºC,
  • Flammability class: non-flammable A1L,
  • Heat transfer coefficient t temp. 200ºC: 0.043 W/mK,
  • Intelligent lock to prevent thermal bridges,
  • Protective coating: PVC, reinforced aluminium  foil, coarse-grained aluminium foil, galvanised sheet metal,
  • Various options available:
    • Without coating,
    • Smooth aluminium foil coating,
    • Reinforced aluminium foil coating,
    • Seam sealing method: double-sided adhesive tape,
    • Laminating: smooth aluminium foil, reinforced aluminium foil,
  • Non-standard orders performed.