EUROBATEX - Coatings and Mats

Synthetic rubber insulation for cooling and air-conditioning systems
High class, comprehensive programme for pipe, duct, valve and fittings, canal and vessel insulation used in cooling and air-conditioning systems guaranteeing energy and cost saving solutions that prevent condensate formation.

Product Features and Properties:

  • Highly flexible closed cell foam made from synthetic rubber,
  • Effective insulation thickness: 19 – 32mm,
  • Water vapour diffusion coefficient: > 7000 µ.

Production Possibilities:

  • Rubber coating for pipes with a diameter of 6 – 160mm,
  • Rubber mats,
  • Self-adhesive rubber mats,
  • Flexible self-adhesive tapes,
  • Adhesives,
  • Cleaning agents,
  • Coatings.