KOCOPOR EPS/PUR Rings and Elbows

Synthetic rubber insulation for cooling and air-conditioning systems
Precision-fit insulation for elements used both in industry as well as in household solutions. Produced in CNC machines from the highest quality materials ensuring constant insulation parameters. These products are custom-made according to specific Customer requirements.

Product Features and Properties:

  • Material: Expanded Polystyrene Foam (PH-EPS) or PUR/PIR foam,
  • Density: 30 -200 kg/m3,
  • Produced on CNC machines¬†,
  • Available options: with vapour resistant layer or without.

Production Possibilities:

  • Coatings available in any dimension and thickness of insulation,
  • Two-part or multiple segment elbows,
  • Custom-made lining to fit large-size vessels,
  • Round, cone and elliptical elements (including 3D-milling),
  • Custom-made parts for special applications in any quantity (short or long run production).