KOCOFOAM Fittings made from 2D and 3D pressed foam

Extremely durable and easy to assemble insulation for utility pipes handling fluid and gas in industry, process and heat engineering.


  • Low thermal conductivity (0.032 W / mK),
  • High compression resistance (0.2 N/mm2),
  • Density (min. 28 kg/m3),
  • High water and moisture resistance (WDD 100 my, water absorption <2%),
  • Temperature range: -180 / +75ºC,
  • Chemical resistance,
  • Freeze-thaw resistance,
  • Easy to use,
  • Precision cut.

Production Possibilities:

  • Made to order coating of every insulation dimension and thickness,
  • Available elbows: two-part or segment options with any radius,
  • Systems available for the following vessels: radial, cylindrical, round or oval (Zeppelin),
  • Roof panels for flat roofs,
  • Fittings for various applications,
  • Window sill accessories,
  • Roller shutter box insulation.