175 Express Cold Insulation Rings

Fixing elements for air-conditioning and low-temperature utility piping
This is a group of particularly resilient and stable products for use in the most demanding conditions. The entire range of "Express" products has fully incorporated fixing, insulating and sealing elements.

Product Features and Properties

  • Highest level of thermal insulation,
  • Two-part insulating body produced using polyurethane foam  technology,
  • Closed-cell structure of insulating body,
  • Galvanised steel rings embedded in insulating body,
  • Up to three types of assembly threads on one sleeve,
  • Rubber-lined inner surface of insulating body,
  • Quick and easy to install,


  • Use of sealants not required,
  • Supported pipe diameters from 12  to 219 mm,
  • Insulation thickness from 30 to 60 mm,
  • Temperature range from -50ºC to +105ºC,
  • Polyurethane density 250 kg/m3,
  • Flammability class B2.