Low temperature applications with KORFF insulation systems

Stay on course with cryogenic insulation from KORFF.

At very low temperature applications, for example the storage and transport of liquefied gas (LPG / LEG / LNG), conventional insulation products quickly reach their limits.
Required are individual insulation systems which satisfie the high demands on thermal conductivity, mechanical loadability, economical handling and durability.

Cryogenic insulation systems from Korff fulfill all these demands based on their first-class physical properties and economical processing. Korff products ensure a resource-saving insulation. The load capacities can be optimized, the required "boil-off rates" too.

LNG for example, is liquefied natural gas. It has only 1/600 of its original volume at the liquid state(< -163° C). It is ideal for transport and storage. Korff products ensure safety and low operating costs by reducing the amount of required energy for re-liquefaction.

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