Die Korff AG dass neue Inhaberin der Korff Isolmatic in Polen sowie der Korff Isolmatic in Deutschland

The contracts have been signed in mid-December from all parties. With this major step, the number of employees in the Korff group increased from 27 to a total of 170 employees.

The Korff Isolmatic is specialized in the production of high quality Cold Insulation Rings as well as for the machining of customized mineral wool laggings and PUR cutouts.

Mrs Anna Zawada will remain managing director in Sobotka. Mr. Urs Erb (owner of Korff AG) is the new Deputy Managing Director. Mr. Yannick Erb is a new member of the Board of Korff Isolmatic Sp. z o.o.

The Korff Isolmatic GmbH in Dietzenbach will be managed by Mr. Matthias Bopp and Mr. Roland Hohl (representative of Korff AG). 

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